Center Gallery, Main Level:


J.J. L’Heureux is a visual artist based in Venice, CA who makes documentary-style photographs, as well as paintings and collages. L’Heureux is a naturalist and true adventurer. Her numerous photographic series include images of penguins, seals, and polar bears in the Arctic.

In 2000, L’Heureux made her first foray to Antarctica and returned every year thereafter accumulating a huge archive of digital images that range from close-ups of albatross and penguins, to expansive shots of the Ross Ice Shelf and more intimate pictures of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s hut at Cape Royds.

In order to make the photographs included in her vast and amazing archive, she experienced Antarctica as a passenger on a Russian icebreaker, participated as an art and photography lecturer on adventure cruises, as well as on her own in a small motor sailor, the Golden Fleece, to circumnavigate South Georgia Island. L’Heureux also participated with the South African Penguin Study on Robben Island, South Africa, collecting data that the Marine and Coastal Management Unit of South Africa used to learn about the habits of this endangered species.

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Art Mezzanine:


The art of Cris Dam lights up the walls at the Discovery Museum as we debut our new Digistar technology in the Henry B. DuPont III Planetarium. City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport Art Trail, and the Discovery Museum have initiated a partnership to feature local artists in their second floor gallery space.

His unique choice of materials projects a sense of idiosyncratic personality and locomotion to the common lightbulb, by incorporating the illuminated spheres into his compositions. He actually paints his paintings while the lightbulbs in the compositions are on. He has created a site-specific work for the exhibit. Starlight and lightbulbs range from two-dimensional painting to a sculptural installation, where he completely abandons the canvas, enabling the viewer to playfully enjoy works that echo the quality of illumination, from light bulbs to the night. The work functions as a companion piece which echoes the installation of the Discovery Museum’s recently installed state-of-the-art, high-resolution Digistar planetarium system.

Cris Dam was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and raised in Granada, Spain. He attended Parsons School of Design and SUNY’s Studio Art MFA Program before becoming a full-time curator, artist, and community organizer. In 1998, he cofounded Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, becoming an early gallerist to propel Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into an international art mecca. Dam has since traveled internationally for commissions and shows in Germany, Istanbul, and Russia, and he has been quick to become an esteemed figure in the Fairfield County art community after relocating his studio to Bridgeport’s Arcade Mall in 2017.

Upper Level:


Connecticut native Michael Florio has a huge passion for photography, art, science, and technology. His love of these subjects has brought him through a rabbit hole of wonder and amazement. His desire to share the incredible aspects of our universe with others is captured through a dynamic study of sunsets and the fascinating reasons why we experience the glorious colors in a twilight sky.

He wishes to reignite the imagination in adults and inspire young people, whether it is through the art of photography, exploring the cosmos through a telescope, or creating an at-home science project.