Apollo Redux Thumbnail
Apollo Redux

Apollo Redux: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing takes you …

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Adventure Science Thumbnail
Adventure Science

Adventure Science is an exhibit inspired by our neighbors, The Adventure Park …

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Dare to Discover Thumbnail
Dare to Discover

Dare to Discover allows children and families explore and test scientific principles …

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Energy Network Thumbnail
Energy Network

Energy Network challenges guests to understand energy sources, uses, and conservation through …

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Get Physical Thumbnail
Get Physical

Get Physical lets you pull, throw, build, and manipulate, examining the laws …

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MoonBase Discovery Thumbnail
MoonBase Discovery

MoonBase Discovery is the perfect place to captain a lunar rover, test …

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Nano Thumbnail

Our Nano exhibit examines nanoscale science, the study of things too small …

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Preschool Power Thumbnail
Preschool Power

Little ones (ages 0-3) want to explore too! Preschool Power is the …

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Science on a Sphere Thumbnail
Science on a Sphere

Science on a Sphere brings earth and planetary science to life, with …

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Space Gallery Thumbnail
Space Gallery

Space has never seemed so close (and so cool) as in our …

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Art Exhibits Thumbnail
Art Exhibits

Art adds a creative avenue to explore science topics and the world!

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Everbright Thumbnail

Dial up the cool factor.

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