Your House, My House
Discovery Main Level
March 27 - September 2, 2012

Your House, My House is a fantastic journey into the homes of people around the world. People live in all kinds of housing – larges houses, portable houses, small houses, apartments, houseboats – the list is long. The kind of house we live in is influenced by many factors such as geographical setting, climate, tradition, culture, personal preference, monetary resources, availability of materials and others. The exhibit focuses on how the environmental setting of a house influences aspects of the house such as what it is made of, what the structure is like and the ways various components of the house function.

The exhibit presents a variety of houses, with the primary focus being how the design of the house is influenced by the environment in which it is built. Activities include designing, building and visiting homes to gain an understanding of the various factors that drive their design, including environment, intended use, availability of materials and culture.

When visitors enter the exhibit, the sensation is both familiar and yet a bit exotic. The My House area has several walk-in “house” environments. Children step into three model homes: a Mongolian herder’s ger, an m’bure from the tropics of Fiji and a stilt house from a Malaysian fishing village. Fun activities in the house settings help children make connections between what happens in their own homes and what happens in these houses. Most of the activities are linked to the notion of environment. Houses, Houses Everywhere has a hexagonal structure with six compare-and-contrast stations that also feature world maps and a globe to help establish the global flavor of the exhibit. The Design Center features activities with the Design-A-House computers and drafting table. Build Your Own has activities that allow the visitor to build a timber house and several tabletop house models.