Contraptions A to Z

Created by Clifford Wagner Science Interactives
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 through March 4, 2012

Contraptions A to Z is a unique hands-on exhibit that combines art, history, science, music, literature, and language. It reveals the fascinating mechanisms that are often hidden in black boxes with a playful, humorous approach.

26 interactive mechanical devices combine to create
Contraptions A to Z. Each literally embodies a different letter of the alphabet.

Individual interactive exhibits include Antique Apple Peelers, the Berserko Ball Bouncer, Cuckoo Cuckoo Clock, the Drum Machine (the exhibit’s centerpiece), the Emu’s Egg Engulf the Egg Scale, the Frog Flinging Frypan Flips Flapjacks Faultlessly, Gear Gizmos, and the rest of the alphabet, from Nervous Nelly to Quackers Quizzing Don Quixote on his Quest, all the way to the Zebras Zooming Zanily in a Zooetrope!